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Horse Riding


Horseback Riding in Nosara, Costa Rica Chris Goldberg via Compfight

Hey readers,

I love horse riding! It’s one of my favourite things to do! Let me tell you a bit about horse riding.

I ride a horse named Sage shes a chestnut mare (in non-horsey words , she’s a brown female horse). She is a very tiny pony with a big attitude! If she doesn’t get what she wants she will get pretty mad. Her show name is Sugar and Spice Sage.

Sometimes I ride a horse named Cassie. She is also very sweet but she loves to jump really big! She is in her 20’s but still very active. Sometimes when we are jumping small she will over jump it. By over jumping it I mean she will jump way bigger than she needs to. But she is still fun to canter and trot on! ย I love cantering! It’s one of my absolute favourite things to to in horse riding… besides jumping.

I have tried barrel racing once but I didn’t like as much as jumping. I have never really been a big fan of Western style riding. Jumping involves memorizing courses, body control and most important, trying to communicate with a half ton animal that doesn’t speak your language.

Something that I’m not quite excited for is November. At my barn we do this thing called no stirrup November ๐Ÿ™ Absolutely everything is done with out stirrups. Jumping, posting, trot, and canter. I don’t like it because after the lesson it feels like you have done like 5000 sit ups and 100 squats. It involves lots of core strength.

I have most of my own stuff for riding, the only thing that I need to borrow from the barn is a bridle, ย girth and a horse blanket.

Have you ever tried horse riding? Did you like it?

Have a wonderful day,



  1. Dear Kayley,
    I love that you like horse-riding because one of my favorite animals I would want is a horse. I think Sage has a beautiful mane. I think Cassie is very sweet and kind and very active even though she is in her 20’s. Which horse is you favorite Cassie or Sage?

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    • Hey Kristi,
      Horses are one of my favorite animals as well. As much as I love horses, people really do underestimate how much work they are. At the moment Sages mane is cut pretty short. Cassie is an eager beaver! I’m sorry, I cant answer that question I love both of them the same haha. Have you ever ridden a horse?
      Have a wonderful day,
      ~Kayley <3

  2. Dear Kayley,
    I also love horses. One time when I went to my friend’s house she had horses, but I was really scared to go around them. They were super cute and there was a white a brown one I really wanted so bad. Did you ever have a fear of horses when you first met them. Do you own the horses at your house or do you have to go somewhere to ride them? You should definitely check out my blog posts and see if there is anything you like. Here is the link: https://goo.gl/xnjLqz

    • Hi Mikhiya,
      Horse are pretty great! I have never had a big fear of any animal… well if bugs count them yeah im afraid of bugs. I don’t live on a farm but I go to multiple farms at the minimum of once a week or more. When they try to bite or kick you just show them who’s boss by giving them a little tap. Or if they come running at you,just swing you lead rope around because 1/2 ton animals are afraid or stuff like plastic bags. I will come check out your blog!
      Have a wonderful day,

  3. Hello Kayley,
    As you know, I love riding too! My favorite thing to do is canter and jump as well. When I am cantering I feel like I can go all day! Is Cassie a horse at sprout meadows? I have never seen her there before. I have never tried Western riding. I chose English riding because I thought jumping would be really fun, and it turns out it is! I don’t like no stirrup November as well. Whenever I am done trotting without stirrups, my legs feel like they are on fire. Especially on Cheyenne because she can get really fast at times. I don’t have any of my own riding tack because I don’t lease. Do you lease sage then? Goodbye and have a nice day!
    Sincerely, Abbey

  4. I love horses too! They really are the best. It cool that you can jump, I can barely canter of the lunge line. I usually ride a horse named Maddie, she is a paint. I really like your blog.

    • Hey Sophia,
      It’s nice to see a new person on my blog! I’m really happy with how far I have come with horse riding! That’s still really cool that you can canter on a lunge line! Is Maddie your favourite horse? Next time leave your blog URL so I can come visit your blog!
      Have a wonderful day,
      ~Kayley <3

  5. Thank you for replying, Maddie is my favorite horse, and my blog URL is http://sophiafoster.edublogs.org.๐Ÿ™‚

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