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Not All Who Wander Are Lost.

June 17, 2018
by Kayley

Good Bye Blog

Hello readers,

This is my last blog post…ever? I’m not really sure if I will still be using my blog in the future.

I will be going to high school and into grade 8. I’m really happy that its almost summer time so I can do summery things like going to the beach and hanging out with my friends. I’m pretty sure that I will be doing some traveling lie going to Alberta and maybe Ontario.

I am also really excited to go to high school try new things, make new friends and maybe play some sports.

Thank you Ms.Smith for giving me this great opportunity to write about things that interest me for two years an thank you to you guys for reading this blog!

Have a wonderful day,

~Kayley <3


March 21, 2018
by Kayley
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The Survey: Squiggly Wiggly Worms

Hello readers,

In school we are working on this project called young entrepreneur fair. We each have to make and sell a product. This is what im doing for my product: I am making squirmy wormys. They are little pocket pets that you can carry around with you. They love attention and love to be pet. When you pet them they respond like a real worm and squirm around. I will will be donating 10% of my profit to a charity in the end. We will be selling our products int he gym to all of students and parents at our school.

March 20, 2018
by Kayley

Basketball: The Game of Dribbling

Hello readers,

This season of basketball was amazing! Our team did really well and had great games. The amount of interceptions, passing, rebounds and just over all awesome plays! We didn’t win very many games but we played really good. I loved the team because every one was so supportive of one and other. I was really proud of how I played this season and I think that it was my highlight of this term. My favourite game was the last game of our tournament because we were tied with the other team and we only had five second left and i made the winning shot.

Our coach, Mrs.Roberson is amazing because she made our team who we are now. Even the smallest drills made a difference. She came to almost all of our games and cheered us on. She would give us little pep talks on the bench after the shift. She always made a bad shift better at the end.

Lets talk about drills, they were what made our team improve. Here are two of my favourite drills: The first one is when she sets up and “obstical course” it would have cones that we weave in and out of, we would go do lay ups and at the very end we would run through the ladders (not real ladders). My second favourite drill is king of the court. In this drill you have to dribble your ball and stay in control while trying to knock the other players ball out of the boundary.

Over all this is just a thank you to the basketball team and Mrs.Robertson. Do you play basketball?

Have a wonderful day,


March 13, 2018
by Kayley
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Three Things…

Hello readers!

I was thinking about our world. I started to realize that there are a few things that I would change about our world, and here they are:

  1. First things first. I bet you if you were to walk to school in the morning that you would see this stuff every where. It’s garbage. Holy cow… do people not know how to simply carry their garbage with them till they reach a garbage can? I wish that some of the works people in small towns could install more garbage cans. Even in big cites they can put more garbage cans. At least try, just try for me a seventh grader in a small town. Please just pick up your garbage.
  2.  The second thing is that we need more kindness in our world. In kindergarten we were taught to be kind to each other and to share. But I feel like so many people have forgotten how to be kind. Even just saying something as simple and small like I love your shirt today or doing an act of kindness. Or you could do something big and make someones day. It’s not that hard to compliment someone.
  3. This one just sends me off the rails with anger. It’s animal abuse. This is just a cliche saying but “imagine if someone bigger then you decides to invade your space and hurt you”. For the past little while I have been collecting old sheets in my house to donate to the SPCA and Kitty Cat Pals in the Comox Valley. It’s also true for abusing each other. I just wish that we could see each other equal to each other. We are all humans living on this earth.

This is a really short post but I hope that it has a strong message. Just please be kind to everyone you meet and imagine a world with none of this stuff.

Have a wonderful day


March 10, 2018
by Kayley

Death By Momma Alien Bird

Hello readers,

As a class we watched this really short video about death in space. We all chose one funny death and wrote a story about it. I chose this one…

I’m the most talented astronaut on planet earth. I have been to planets that no other human has been to. Mars, Jupitar, Saturn and I have also been to Pluto before it wasn’t classified as a planet.

But this planet was something that you wouldn’t see in your local library’s selection of space books. It was called Blurpymelrpy. That day that I landed I was so excited I bolted out the metal spaceship door and forgot my space helmet. I realized that you didn’t need one on Blurpymelrpy. I continued on this long journey to find life on this new planet.

I had been trekking around this planet for five extremely long hours. Suddenly, I spot an over-sized mushroom. I approach it and look up. My neck hurts so bad because I had to look up so high.

After staring at it for a very long time, I decide to start climbing up . As I reach the top there is a very pretty view of the whole planet. As I take a closer look I glance at what looks to be a old straw birds nest. I get a closer look and I start to think that its not an old birds nest. I calmly walk towards it like I was telling the baby monsters that I was friendly. They start to panic and screech.

I had never had to try and calm down a monster before. I pick one up like a tiny human baby and try to rock it back to sleep in my arms. That’s when I herd a large screech behind me! I look to see a larger version of the babies. It lands on the same funky mushroom as me. Right before I can yell for help I eats me. This was the weirdest experience. I got eaten by a blue and pink monster bird. I went through the whole digestive process. Even the last part…But I survived.

If you were to choose how you died in space how would you die?

Have a wonderful day,


March 5, 2018
by Kayley
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Spring is on its Way

Bursting with colour!

Spring is coming! That means that the flowers will start blooming and the rain will keep on coming. I am excited to start to see stuff coming up out of the ground making it beautiful! My favourite type of flowers are tulips! I love the variety of colour that they come in. But what im most excited for is spring break. Here are four of the things that im excited for.

  1. Me and my friend Kassidy did this last year so we are hoping that we can do it again this year: We went down island to Victoria for one night and stayed in a hotel right by the parliament building. At 9:00 pm we went out in our pajamas out to see the lights that they put up on it! We also went to Chinatown and visited all the cute little shops. I hope that we can do it again this year!
  2. My dad is working on a small ski hill right now on the main land! He said that I might be able to come stay out there with him and go skiing. There are snow mobiles that I might be able to drive. I really hope that I can go visit the ski hill!
  3. I’m really eager to start working on my garden. I haven’t look at my backyard for a while, mainly because I don’t want to see what a mess my garden looks like after all these storms. I can’t wait to go pick out some pretty flowers to plant in my hanging baskets.
  4. I’m excited to just spend time with my family and all of my favourite animals. Even if we don’t do anything I’m happy that I just get to hang out with family and friends. I can hopefully start horse riding again. I had to take some time off because of how cold it is out and because the ring started getting flooded.

What is spring like where you live? Do you like spring?

Nancy Girard Bégin via Compfight

March 5, 2018
by Kayley

Where I Live

Hello readers,

Ahhh the good old Comox Valley. If you didn’t know that’s where I live, in a small town with lots to do! We live so close to the beach, the mountains and the forest so if you say that there is nothing to do you are lying.

One of my favourite places to visit is Hot Chocolates! They have the best little cafe with cookies, candy and drinks. Its always fun to go out to Hot Chocolates and sit down with a friend and talk. My favourite thing at Hot Chocolates is their delicious sugar cookies or their extremely sugary Italian sodas. I love how kind all the workers are. I love looking at all of their candy and chocolates. Sometimes I just want to buy it all. They have a huge variety of jelly beans… yum!

Tuomo Lindfors via Compfight

My next favourite place in the valley is where I do boxing. I always feel so at home when I’m there! Every one in the gym is encouraging and fun to hang out with! If im not having a good day, as soon as I walk into the gym I get a huge smile on my face. I also like that its located close to the river. After my class finishes I can hear the rushing river when I leave. When you walk in you get a brisk smell of sweat, but our coach has brainwashed us to tell say that it’s the smell of “champions”.

My third favourite spot in the Comox Valley  is Mt.Washington. I absolutely love skiing. Every weekend I try and go up skiing during the season. One of my favourite parts of the mountain is the back side or in the park. I really enjoy just hanging out with some of my friends and skiing. Some people read a book or have a nap when they want to relax. But with me, I go skiing and ski all of my worries away. I love going up early in the morning and make the first ski tracks in the fresh fluffy powder. Sometimes I hate going up the mountain when its cold,windy and snowy. The worst part is when they stop the chair lift when you are half way up and its windy. If you have never been skiing a chair lift is what brings you up the mountain.


Where are your favourite things about where you live? Do you have any favorite places?

Have a wonderful day,


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February 27, 2018
by Kayley

Harris Burdick: Under the Rug

Under the Rug

As I began to doze off to sleep, the quiet noise started to roar like a old car. Startled I tumbled to the ground with a thump. I stand up and try to reassure myself that it wasn’t the same noise that I have heard for the last three days around this time. But I knew it was. I picked up and slipped on my brown glasses so I could see. I had a cold breeze sprint down my spine because the noise seamed to be getting further away. I wasn’t sure if that was my mind playing tricks on me or the “loud thing” playing tricks on me. I finally get the guts to sneak down stairs to where I hear the noise. As I reach the living room , I silently bounced up and down with excitement because I thought that this Wednesday evening would be the last night I had to put up with this noise. I look for the closest weapon. My great grandfathers rickety old chair was what I picked up. I held it over my head to be ready for anything. I looked up then down. Left then right. I found what look to be rather suspicious. That same freezing cold breeze from earlier shot down my back again. Which wasn’t helping at all with me being so scared. I lunged forward towards it. It makes a high pitch growl. Something that I thought I would never hear in my life. It was under the yellow hand made carpet that I bought at a garage sale for 10$.I creep four steps forward to be exact. I grab the carpet with the chair still in one hand ready to attack. I pull so hard that I ripe the carpet but I still manage to see the “crazy thing’ sitting under my rug. Its arms were covered in huge bumps that ran all the way up to his bony shoulders. That’s all I saw of him that night.

December 17, 2017
by Kayley

10 Things I Wouldn’t Want For Christmas!

Christmas Lights
Hey readers,

Christmas is my most favourite time of the year so you will probably be seeing more Christmas posts on my blog! So dear friends and family, here is a list of 10 things that you definitely shouldn’t get me. Here you go:

  1.  A pet snake or spider. If you dare to get me a snake or a spider for Christmas you will be getting a lump of coal from me. My friend Jayden has a pet snake and I held him. His name is Carter… He scares the living poop out of me. Even though he’s only a garter snake. I also really hate spiders. I don’t mind the little ones but it’s the HUGE ones that scares me!
  2. A cold! Being sick on Christmas or during the holidays sounds like the worst! There isn’t much else to say about being sick other than that it sucks.
  3. Brussels sprouts, one of the worst food, in my mind. I wish they weren’t even a thing! P.S Dad,I’m still not going to eat them this Christmas.
  4. If I was to open a present and see a huge pile of homework,I think I would be pretty angry. But if I was to open a pile of homework that was about horses I think I would happy to see that homework. Never thought I would say that in my lifetime.
  5.  A dress. If you ever see me in a dress, please check my temperature! There might be a few times a year when I wear a dress (the river, beach or at a really fancy event.)
  6. You shouldn’t get me golf equipment. I absolutely HATE golf, you might know this already by reading my alphabet of me post. I only like driving the golf carts.
  7. You probably shouldn’t get me a scarf. I don’t mind scarfs but I would rather not get one for Christmas. I don’t like how they feel like they are strangling you.
  8. Please don’t get me glue. I am really bad at gluing! I get it absolutely everywhere. So that’s why you shouldn’t get me glue.
  9.   A goose. If you know me then you would know that I love almost all animals. I love farms,but there is this one animal that drives me absolutely crazy! It’ the geese with there non-stop honking. They are quite vicious. They chase you and hiss.
  10. Last but not least, don’t make my Christmas present a picture with a mall Santa.  (MOM!) They creep me out. That’s all I have to say about that one, I think you can see why I despise mall Santa.

What would you not want for Christmas?

Have a wonderful day,


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November 29, 2017
by Kayley

My Favourite Christmas Movies

Hey readers,

Ahh!It’s getting to be that time… When every store is playing Christmas music, all the ads on T.V. are Christmas related and the children start writing their Christmas lists. I love Christmas movies because when it’s cold out you can get your warm blankets (don’t forget the popcorn)and start the Christmas movie binge watch. So here are my top five favourite Christmas movies.
P.S they aren’t in order and a bit of a spoiler alert for any one who hasn’t watched these movies. 

1.How The Grinch Stole Christmas 

I think that this movie is really funny. Did you know that the budget for this movie was 123 million dollars.  I really do wonder how much time every single person spent in a makeup chair. Especially Jim Carrey because he had to play the Grinch.

Image result for how the grinch stole christmas

2. Elf
Imagine seeing a fully grown man walking around down town New York doing weird things like hopping on the road like a bunny. I think that if I ate Buddy The Elf’s spaghetti I would throw up. If you don’t know what his spaghetti is, it’s a plate of spaghetti, marshmallows, M&Ms, chocolate syrup, maple syrup, pop tarts and sprinkles.

Image result for elf

3.Home Alone

Wouldn’t it be pretty scary if your parents left for a trip and you got left at home? I think that his creative traps are amazing. Just the thought of two weirdos trying to get in to your house is creepy. But the way he handles it is very funny!

Image result for home alone

4.Charlie Brown Christmas

This one is based on the comic strip the peanuts. Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree is a very iconic image in the movie. It was released on December 91965 with a budget of 96 000 dollars.

Image result for charlie brown christmas

5.Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer

In this one from 1989 is about Santa’s lead reindeer having to save the day. I love the really old vibe of this movie compared to the newer movies. This is one of my favourites because it’s a great classic!

Image result for rudolph the red nosed reindeer

I hope you enjoyed this post about Christmas movies! Do you have any favourite movies? Do we have any in common?

Have a wonderful day,


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