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November 29, 2016
by Kayley

Zombie Off


For the last two days I have been trying to avoid it…… the zombie apocalypses. This morning I woke up worried , scared and hungry so I went to go make myself a bowl of cereal. I poured the cereal, added milk and last but not least reached for the spoon. I always use the biggest spoon but as I grabbed it **** AAAAAHHHH**** I see that  my own arm has been turned green!

I ran to my mirror and see that blood is streaming out of my mouth and my eyes are bloodshot. I realize that I have been infected by the zombies! But I know that it is a school day and I have to go to school.

My first idea is that I should just wear scarf, long sleeved clothes and a hat so no one will see my skin, but then I remembered the dress code. You can’t wear scarves and hats. Scratch that plan.

I rely on my good old friend Google to help me on this one. I Google search “how to cure a zombie virus” and it says to eat five rat eyeballs and two boiled worms. I think that I will pass on that one because it sounds gross. So I just decide to go to school and hope that no one realizes.

I park my bike at the bike racks and I see all my friends but I chose to just walk right by and ignore them. As I try to walk pass them some one yells, “KAYLEY WE ARE OVER HERE! So I walk over there and guess what? They were all zombies as well!

I just said nothing and carried on with my day. The weird part was that everyone was acting normally and pretending that no one was a zombie.

The bell rings to go home and as soon as I get home I turn on the t.v. to go to the news. It turns out that the doctors found out a way to cure the virus. It is just a special cream called Zombie-Off. This cream definitely works because everyone is normal now. The weird part is that none of the teachers got the virus….. Maybe it is a teacher super power?

Have a great day.


November 17, 2016
by Kayley

Squat Till You Drop


Hey readers,

How many squats can YOU do in 30 seconds? You would be surprised at how many squats our class can do. Lately we have been working on a data analysis project were we gather data from a experiment that we conduct.

1. Our Inquiry Question :

Our group asked people how many squats can you do in 30 seconds?

2.Our Equipment :

We really didn’t need much for our experiment. A timer and a list of everybody’s name in our class. Simple!

3. The Procedure:

We ask any one that wasn’t doing a different experiment if they wanted to do squats. If someone had free time they would come to our station and do squats for 30 seconds properly squatting. If you do one that our team thought was not a proper squat it didn’t count.

4.Control Standards

Control standards are to make the experiment fair so every one is doing the same experiment. Our control standards were you had to have your legs shoulder length apart, hands straight out in front of you, You have to look like you are sitting in a tiny chair when you go down and you have to start with your hands by your side.


My prediction before the experiment was that the average will be 30.

6.Our Data

This is what people got:

16, 20, 22, 24, 24, 24, 25, 25, 25, 26, 26, 28, 28, 28, 29, 31 and 33

Daniel was the one that got 33!

7.Analysis Of Our Data:

We had no outliers for this project. We were going to say that 16 was an outlier but then we decided to not say that they were one because there was only a four number difference. For mean, median, mode and range we got this:

Mean: 457÷18=25

Median: Median: 25+25=50. 50÷2=25.

Mode: 25, 24 and 28 Because that is the most common number

Range: 17 Because 33-16=17

I think that the mean is the most appropriate measure to use because all of the numbers  don’t have a big difference to each other.

Have a wonderful day,


November 16, 2016
by Kayley

Remembrance Day Poem

Sunset on field VI Robert Körner via Compfight


What is war?

The First World War ended

on the eleventh day

on the eleventh month

at eleven o’clock.

War is not knowing whether

your loved one is coming home.

Opening the mail to see

that you got a letter

saying that your loved one has passed away.

Or the joy at seeing a family member

come home after they have fought for our freedom.

What were they thinking

when peace was upon them for the first time

in four years?

Respect is a poppy pinned to your shirt

and held with pride

because we are free.

November 15, 2016
by Kayley

Foster Kittens

Jerry Garen M. via Compfight

Hello readers,
Cats are adorable and sometimes I just want to snuggle them to death! Ok well that sounded a bit strange and weird. Maybe I don’t want to snuggle them to death just give them a hug! This summer and the summer before I fostered kittens. Fostering kittens is when the cat or kitten has been born out in the wild and a business called Kitty Cat Pals tracks the kittens down and somehow get them to their facility. They wait until someone like me can foster them for about 4 weeks. We do this so that they can get used to humans handling them and we are stopping more kittens being born out in the wild.
This summer I fostered two orange tabby cats. One was a short haired male and the other was a long haired female. I personally liked the boy better because he would just fall asleep on my lap. The girl on the other hand was not my number one fan. She would just try and escape from my arms and wiggle around. When we first got them they would hiss and scratch because remember they were wild feral kittens. When we decided that they were very friendly and ready to go they go pet store they were like ninja cats running every where under the couch, under our legs and even some how the girl managed to get into our food pantry!
They love each other so much! My prof is that when they went to the pet store to go up for a adoption they got adopted by 2 different people. When they arrived they both did the same thing….. Hissed and hid from the new owners! So what happened was they got reunited and went to a new owner that wanted 2 kittens.
Have you ever heard off Kitty Cat Pals?
Have a great day,

November 10, 2016
by Kayley


2016-09-23 19-17-40 - IMG_8454(LR) Kim West via Compfigh

Hey readers,

Music class is one of my favourite subjects in school because it is always really fun! We have music teacher that has taught us a lot. Her name is Mrs.Nelson.For the 3 years that she has taught at the school I have learned how to play the ukulele, boom whackers, djembe (a drum), xylophone and how to sing on the right note.

But my favourite was the ukulele! I got my first ukulele when I went to Hawaii for my 7th birthday. I still have it now and it is the one that I play on. I took lessons from Mrs.Nelson about six times and then summer came around and I was too busy to do them any more. She can’t do the lessons any more because she is too busy with teaching.

One of my favourite songs to play is Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer . The easiest chord that I can play is C and the hardest is Em. Playing the ukulele is fun but it can hurt! Sometimes I get little blisters on my fingertip. A way that I remember the names off the strings (GCEA) Good Camels Eat Apples and it really helps…. Well, it helps me at least. A tip that I could give to a person who is just starting the ukulele is to not give up on it because ukulele can be a tricky instrument to learn.

Do you play an instrument? if so I would love to know!


November 2, 2016
by Kayley

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift GMA 2012


Hi readers,

I really love listening to music! Music is just something that you can rely on to always be there, whether you are happy, sad, or even frustrated.

My favourite musical artist is Taylor Swift. I admire her because of her good values. Her number one saying is  If you are lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change’’. I think that saying is very powerful because it tells you to never change who you are and it doesn’t matter what other people think of you . She always has a great attitude towards almost everything!

I absolutely love her cats Olivia and Meredith. Olivia is even the star in Taylor’s Keds commercials (a shoe brand that Taylor agreed to promote a shoe for).

She is very talented because she can play the banjo, piano, guitar and vocals. She has won 275 awards and she had 571 nominations! My favourite song of hers is Out of the Woods because in the video it’s so beautiful and it was filmed in New Zealand. Just over all she is an amazing person!

Who is your favourite singer or band?

Have a wonderful day,

By Paolo VillanuevaUploaded by MyCanon (Taylor Swift) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

November 1, 2016
by Kayley

Emergency Preparedness Kit

Tsunami Evacuation Zone foobert via Compfight

Hello readers

How would you be prepared for a disaster? Lately in our class we have been talking about disasters, natural  and not natural. We were asked what would we put in an emergency kit for any time and any disaster. So here it is!

I would keep food and water (Trail mix / something that wont get moldy or go inedible)

Keeping something that that can provide light/heat like a flash light or matches

Pocket knife can help you cut stuff or leave marks as to were you went so if someone went looking for you

A little first aid kit with band-aids in it

An extra rain jacket,gloves and hat

I would also bring some photos of family, friends and my dog

How would you prepare for an emergency?

Have a great day and remember to leave your URL,

~Kayley <3






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