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Reaching for the Clouds


Reaching for the clouds
Jim Nix via Compfight

The water is still but the clouds are not. The trees are still but the wildlife is not. The mountains are tall compared to the photographer. The water colours vary, unlike the trees.

What do you see?

Have a wonderful day,




  1. Amazing writing Kayley!
    Your way of comparing things really helps paint the image that you are seeing. What a fantastic picture you found as well! Great Job.
    What do I see?
    I see mystery behind the bend. Vibrance and energy flows through the water. A past storm has taken all the trees but the strong and worthy ones.

    • Hey Olivia,
      Thank you! It was a pretty good picture, I would love to visit there. I wonder where it is? I also wondered what is behind the bend. I love how descriptive you are with describing what you see.
      Have a wonderful day,

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