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About Me #2


Comox Valley, British Columbia, Canada

Comox Valley, British Columbia, Canada

Hello readers,

My name is Kayley and I am very excited to start blogging for the second year in a row, I got Ms.Smith again. I am from the Comox Valley and I am in Ms. Smith’s class of grade 6 and 7.

I am a big fan of horse riding and I have been riding for 5 1/2 years as of now. My favourite professional horseback rider is Ian Miller who is a Canadian Olympian. I ride a horse named Sage shes super nice!

I am also very  interested in volleyball which is why I signed up for the school’s volleyball team again. I really like sports in case  you can’t tell…

But I also like animals. I have a dog named Dasher (as in the reindeer) and yes, if you think that is a weird name it’s because I was five when I named him and and he was my Christmas present. In the summer for the past few years I have volunteered at a petting zoo. I won volunteer of the year twice now.My favourite animal is the calf or the pony shes super sweet. I am a foster parent to kittens. We look after them until they are ready to go to a real home.

I really like playing games with my friends outside, going to the beach and swimming in the rivers. I love hanging out at a friends farm! They have huge pigs that are bigger that the average sized couch.One of the things that I have built a hobbie for is looking for river glass at the river.

I also love traveling! I have traveled to New Zeland, Ontario, California and lots of places in the U.S! One day I would love to Go to Italy. It looks very beautiful.

Do you have a hobbie? Hope you have a great day,



  1. Hello Kayley!
    I think your story about how your dog got the name Dasher is really cute. What sort of dog is he? My sister does horse back riding too. I have been to New Zealand too! We went when I was about 6 or 7. I remember the flight being very long and me not sleep at all. Being a fellow volley ball team mate, I can say without hesitation that you, Briana, and Chloe are probably the best!
    Keep on bumping, setting, and spiking!

    • Hey Olivia,
      Dasher is a golden retriever from Denman Island. That’s cool that your sister rides! How long has she been riding? I personally love the plane ride to New Zealand because you get food :).Haha, are you enjoying volleyball so far? That’s very nice of you to say you are really good as well!
      Have a wonderful day,
      ~Kayley <3

  2. Hi Kayley! I’m Natalie from Mrs. Kriese’s class in Austin, Texas. I too like horseback riding! I used to take English riding lessons, and I don’t anymore, but I’ve always thought that it is so fun. I play volleyball (just like you), basketball, and piano. It’s funny how we have a lot of the same interests – traveling is one of my favorites too! I’ve been to many fun places, and in the future I hope to travel to Africa, Alaska, and Australia.

    What type of dog is Dasher? I have two new puppies named Gus and Clara, and they’re a type of hunting dog called a Spinone.

    If you’d like to visit my blog, I’m at: http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/natalie4356/

    • Hey Natalie,
      Nice to see you on my blog! It seems like we have a lot in common. I also love basketball, but I have never really had an interest towards piano. I have been to Australia when I was really little so I don’t really remember it. Dasher is a Golan retriever. Your puppies sound very cute! I have never heard of that kind of dog but I just googled it not and they are adorable.
      Have a wonderful day,

  3. Hey Kayley,
    I really enjoyed your post, you have great grammar. You said you have traveled to California before, well I just recently arrived back from California from my Uncle’s wedding. Where did you go in California?

    • Hey,
      Nice to see a new visitor on my blog! Thank you for the complement about my grammar! How was your uncles wedding? Was there good food:) There is always food food at weddings.I went to L.A in California to go to Disney land and Universal Studios! I love the rides at Disney Land! Have you ever been to California? Where are you from?
      Have a wonderful day,

  4. Great blog!

  5. Hi, Kaylay
    I really like how detail your post is. I really like how you named your dog Dasher and I bet your dog is really cute. I really want a pug because there Really adorable too. Do you like to play any other sports?

    Sincerely, Finn

    • Hey Finn,
      I’m glad that you like my post! Dasherr is pretty cute but he is getting quite old! I think that I would like a pug a well. But I really do want an Australian Shepard. They look very cute. Do you have any pets?
      Have a wonderful day,

  6. Hello kayley my name is Tocarra and today I’m going to critique you on your about me blog. Kayley i liked how you talked about you but didn’t give to much away, and I also like how you gave a specific but attentional introduction about you. I wish you could have gave a little bit of information. For example say paragraph 2 which was about horses, give more information about what your horse does. I wonder if your gonna have ms.smith next year? I hope you had a great time reading my post. Come see my blog at hardetoc.edublogs.org

    • Hey Tocarra,
      Thank you for the tips on my about me post but I don’t quite know what you mean about giving more information about what my horse does… I will come and check out your blog.
      Have a wonderful day,

  7. Hello I’m Miranda from Mr. Ewert’s class in Winnipeg Manitoba. We’re just checking out some different blogs from around the world. (Although we’re just across the country hehe) You sound like an animal lover like me, I’m a huge cat person!
    My blog 🙂 http://mirandasaemsblog.edublogs.org/

    • Hey Miranda,
      What is it like living in Winnipeg Manitoba? Is it cold? I also love cats quite a bit! They are very cute but can sometimes be quite bossy.
      Have a wonderful day,

  8. Wow you have a lot of really cool hobbies! I love your dog’s name! I have a dog and her name is MayBelle. My favorite hobbies are ice hockey and lacrosse! Have you ever been to North Carolina? That is where I am from. This is a really cool blog! If you get a chance you should visit my blog! Here is the address: http://24hollism.edublogs.org

    • Hey,
      What kind of breed is you dog MayBelle? I have never tried to do either of your favourite hobbies but someone in our class named Braxton likes your favourite hobbies. You should go check out his blog! I have never been to North Carolina! I would love to come an visit it one time!
      Have a wonderful day,

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