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Foster Kittens


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Hello readers,
Cats are adorable and sometimes I just want to snuggle them to death! Ok well that sounded a bit strange and weird. Maybe I don’t want to snuggle them to death just give them a hug! This summer and the summer before I fostered kittens. Fostering kittens is when the cat or kitten has been born out in the wild and a business called Kitty Cat Pals tracks the kittens down and somehow get them to their facility. They wait until someone like me can foster them for about 4 weeks. We do this so that they can get used to humans handling them and we are stopping more kittens being born out in the wild.
This summer I fostered two orange tabby cats. One was a short haired male and the other was a long haired female. I personally liked the boy better because he would just fall asleep on my lap. The girl on the other hand was not my number one fan. She would just try and escape from my arms and wiggle around. When we first got them they would hiss and scratch because remember they were wild feral kittens. When we decided that they were very friendly and ready to go they go pet store they were like ninja cats running every where under the couch, under our legs and even some how the girl managed to get into our food pantry!
They love each other so much! My prof is that when they went to the pet store to go up for a adoption they got adopted by 2 different people. When they arrived they both did the same thing….. Hissed and hid from the new owners! So what happened was they got reunited and went to a new owner that wanted 2 kittens.
Have you ever heard off Kitty Cat Pals?
Have a great day,


  1. Hi Kayley,
    You are so lucky to be able to foster kittens! I really want to foster kittens but right now I’m living in a rental house so we can not have pets 🙁 One of my best friends owns two cats and regularly fosters kittens as well. Every time she gets new ones I get to come meet them. Its always so incredible to hold them in your arms. Unfortunately they aren’t always super kind. I think Kitty Cat Pals is such a great organization and my family and I will help out as soon as we can. Do you own a cat or do you just foster them?

    • Hi Livea,

      Me and my family are very luck to be able to foster kittens and help them out. I also have friends that regularly foster and they are crazy because they foster like 10 kittens at a time and not to mention that they have 3 cats that they own and a dog! Foster kittens aren’t always very friendly. Kitty Cat Pals is a really good organization and I love to help out as much as I can. Unfortunately I don’t own a cat because my mom is allergic to cats but when we foster she just loves them so much that she can’t resist.

      Have a wonderful evening,

  2. Hey Kayley,
    It’s so sweet that you foster kittens. I really like cats, I kind of have to because I have three! My first is a black short haired named storm. He’s super sweet and we call him fatty. Then there’s his sister, my cat, Seraphina. She’s the best! I love her to bits but really hates and scares our poor dog, Schuyler. Then there’s the little baby, Snikle Fritz. She is only about 10 months old, but still super energetic! She’s mostly outdoor, but she still comes int to cuddle every now and then. So that’s my cats! Do you have any pets that live with you permanently? Keep in touch!

    • Hi Lyric,
      I really like all of your cats nicknames! The one that stands out the most to me is Snikle Fritz! She sounds like she is an adorable little ball of fuzz! I have a dog that is a little rascal and if you want to check it out there is a post about him. Why did these nicknames stick with you?

      Have a wonderful evening,

  3. Hi Kayley,
    It is so awesomely sweet that you foster kittens! I had a total of 3 kittens but, all of them at different times. My first one was an orange tabby, but he had problems so we had to take him back, the second two had a virus that some how affected us so we gave them back to the crazy cat lady we got them from. How does kitty Cat Pals track down the kittens?

    • Hi Arielle,

      That is awesome that you fostered kittens as well! It kinda sucks that you had to take most of them back…..but ooh well at least you got to check it out. We also call her the crazy cat lady. She is an amazing woman that volunteers her time towards an great idea. Kitty Cat Pals tracks down the kittens through people who spot them. If someone spots a kitten they report it to kitty Cat Pals. It is usually at a dump or a works yard. Then they go and set up like a raccoon trap that does not hurt them just traps.

      Have a great evening,

  4. Hi Kayley,
    That is so cool that you foster kittens. I have always wanted to foster kittens but I already have 3 so they
    might not like it if we fostered kittens. Do you have any kittens or cats of your own? Your blog looks great so far. Keep up the good work.
    Sincerely Kaiya

    • Hi Kaiya,

      I don’t know if pet cats would get on with foster cats. You are lucky that you have cats that you own. I have a dog and if you are interested in him there is a blog post on him. Thanks for commenting!
      Have a great evening,

  5. Hey Kayley!
    *screech* KITTENS!!! Awww their so adorable!!
    I have heard of Kitty Cat Pals, because I saw them around pet stores when I was getting my guinea pig food. I want to adopt them so bad… But I can’t. Rats.
    It’s really sweet of you to foster little kitty cats! They do appreciate it, even if they can only thank you with a sweet little purr. I do know someone who did so much for Kitty Cat Pals, they named ALL the kittens at one pet store after her.


    • Hi Kimberly,
      I really like the kittens as well but when ever I go into the pet store I have the same problem…… MOM I NEED TO ADOPT THEM!!!!! I wish that they could talk because I know that they would thank me. Do you have any other pets beside guinea pigs?
      Have a great day,

  6. Hello, my name is Clara! I’m writing to you today because I totally agree with you when you say that kittens are like, ADORABLE!!! Also because our teacher is teaching us how to become powerful commenters! I’m 10 years old and live in Chilliwack BC! I think it’s so cool that you foster kittens! That would be the best job in the entire world! Where are the kittens that you were fostering this summer? I found this really cute video on the internet where people are washing baby sloths! After they were done washing them they put them on a drying, jungle gym of some sort! They literally hung them up to dry! It’s so cute! Anyway, a couple years ago my family and I got back from camping and there was a tiny little kitten sitting on our window sill! Of course my sister and I asked if we could keep her and they said we would keep her for the night and see if anyone would come by and claim her, but no one did! So now her name is Mittsey and see is black and white! Anyway, got to go! I also have a blog: clarasd33.edublogs.org! I would love for you to come and comment back to me! Bye!

    • Hi Clara,
      It is really cool that you also live in B.C! Fostering kittens is extremely fun and rewarding. You asked were the kittens and I am guessing that you mean now,they are now living in a house together on the island. Sloths are one of my favourite animals because they are so slow. That video sounds like it was really funny! When I have a chance I will look up that video. That kitten sounds like she is adorable. Does Mittsey live in your house with you now?
      Have a wonderful day,

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