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November 10, 2016
by Kayley


2016-09-23 19-17-40 - IMG_8454(LR) Kim West via Compfigh

Hey readers,

Music class is one of my favourite subjects in school because it is always really fun! We have music teacher that has taught us a lot. Her name is Mrs.Nelson.For the 3 years that she has taught at the school I have learned how to play the ukulele, boom whackers, djembe (a drum), xylophone and how to sing on the right note.

But my favourite was the ukulele! I got my first ukulele when I went to Hawaii for my 7th birthday. I still have it now and it is the one that I play on. I took lessons from Mrs.Nelson about six times and then summer came around and I was too busy to do them any more. She can’t do the lessons any more because she is too busy with teaching.

One of my favourite songs to play is Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer . The easiest chord that I can play is C and the hardest is Em. Playing the ukulele is fun but it can hurt! Sometimes I get little blisters on my fingertip. A way that I remember the names off the strings (GCEA) Good Camels Eat Apples and it really helps…. Well, it helps me at least. A tip that I could give to a person who is just starting the ukulele is to not give up on it because ukulele can be a tricky instrument to learn.

Do you play an instrument? if so I would love to know!


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