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December 2, 2016
by Kayley

My Christmas Traditions!

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Hi readers,

In my family we have a few traditions that have been running for who knows how long!

Some of them are are a bit strange (Like the pickle one) So here they are:

1) This one has been one of my personal favorites because we hide a pickle ornament in our Christmas tree! I have no clue how this one started and why we do it but it is really fun. One person is the hider and the others are seekers. The seekers go out of the room until the hider is ready.If you find the pickle then you are the hider. if the tree is bushier it’s harder to find.

2) Most people take a pictures on Christmas just like us. We take on photo that has been taken ever since we got our dog Dasher. On Christmas eve is when we take the photo. I got Dasher when I was 6 for Christmas and he is named after the reindeer. Dasher comes under the tree and lays down with me and then **SNAP** My mom takes our picture under the tree. It is really cool to see how much we have both grown up since we were little because we have a photo from every year.

3) Having an orange is healthy right? Well not with us… in our stockings we always get chocolate oranges. If you don’t know what a chocolate orange is it’s a chocolate that is shaped like a orange and tastes like one to. You can almost take it apart like an orange. My Mom absolutely LOVES them!

4)This isn’t really a tradition but we love to do it. My dog Dasher loves going for walks in the snow! when we go he rolls, jumps and frolics! He is a true snow dog. When we go for long walks his fur on his belly is long and it creates little snow balls that are frozen in to his fur. Then we spent like 15 minuets just tying to get them out.

5)It’s cold in winter so we need to keep warm…. We should light a fire! On Christmas morning when we are opening the gifts we put on the fireplace channel on T.V. Don’t ask me why.I really have no clue because we have a fireplace up stairs but we never light it. If you don’t know what it is it’s literally just a fireplace on T.V and if you are lucky you see someone put another log on or prod it with a stick to get the flame going more.

What is your favourite tradition of mine? What is your favourite tradition of yours?

Hope you have a wonderful holiday,



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