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November 1, 2016
by Kayley

Emergency Preparedness Kit

Tsunami Evacuation Zone foobert via Compfight

Hello readers

How would you be prepared for a disaster? Lately in our class we have been talking about disasters, natural  and not natural. We were asked what would we put in an emergency kit for any time and any disaster. So here it is!

I would keep food and water (Trail mix / something that wont get moldy or go inedible)

Keeping something that that can provide light/heat like a flash light or matches

Pocket knife can help you cut stuff or leave marks as to were you went so if someone went looking for you

A little first aid kit with band-aids in it

An extra rain jacket,gloves and hat

I would also bring some photos of family, friends and my dog

How would you prepare for an emergency?

Have a great day and remember to leave your URL,

~Kayley <3






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