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November 15, 2016
by Kayley

Foster Kittens

Jerry Garen M. via Compfight

Hello readers,
Cats are adorable and sometimes I just want to snuggle them to death! Ok well that sounded a bit strange and weird. Maybe I don’t want to snuggle them to death just give them a hug! This summer and the summer before I fostered kittens. Fostering kittens is when the cat or kitten has been born out in the wild and a business called Kitty Cat Pals tracks the kittens down and somehow get them to their facility. They wait until someone like me can foster them for about 4 weeks. We do this so that they can get used to humans handling them and we are stopping more kittens being born out in the wild.
This summer I fostered two orange tabby cats. One was a short haired male and the other was a long haired female. I personally liked the boy better because he would just fall asleep on my lap. The girl on the other hand was not my number one fan. She would just try and escape from my arms and wiggle around. When we first got them they would hiss and scratch because remember they were wild feral kittens. When we decided that they were very friendly and ready to go they go pet store they were like ninja cats running every where under the couch, under our legs and even some how the girl managed to get into our food pantry!
They love each other so much! My prof is that when they went to the pet store to go up for a adoption they got adopted by 2 different people. When they arrived they both did the same thing….. Hissed and hid from the new owners! So what happened was they got reunited and went to a new owner that wanted 2 kittens.
Have you ever heard off Kitty Cat Pals?
Have a great day,

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