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June 17, 2018
by Kayley

Good Bye Blog

Hello readers,

This is my last blog post…ever? I’m not really sure if I will still be using my blog in the future.

I will be going to high school and into grade 8. I’m really happy that its almost summer time so I can do summery things like going to the beach and hanging out with my friends. I’m pretty sure that I will be doing some traveling lie going to Alberta and maybe Ontario.

I am also really excited to go to high school try new things, make new friends and maybe play some sports.

Thank you Ms.Smith for giving me this great opportunity to write about things that interest me for two years an thank you to you guys for reading this blog!

Have a wonderful day,

~Kayley <3


October 23, 2017
by Kayley

I’m Back!


Gelbe Bleistifte vor gelbem HintergrundCreative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight

Hey Bloggers,

Guess what? I’m back! I got Ms.Smith again this year. That means that I will be continuing my blog this year. I will be posting regularly again on my blog. So for the future expect lots of new and exciting posts. This is also my last year of elementary school then I will be in high school. That’s all I have to say for now!

Have a wonderful day,


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