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November 20, 2017
by Kayley

Amy Millar: Confident Canterer

Hey readers,

Clip Clop, Clip Clop! Can you communicate with a half ton animal that doesn’t speak your language? Amy Millar can! Amy Millar is someone that I think is a successful learner. She is a Canadian Olympian who competes in an event called show jumping. She is the daughter of Ian Millar who is also a Canadian Olympian.  I haven’t seen her competing in real life, but I did watch her on T.V at the Rio Olympics in 2016. She is from Perth,Ontario,and she rides a horse named Heros.

One of the successful learner traits that I think she uses when she is competing is confidence. She shows calm and collected behavior when she is in the riding ring. She is always positive and proud of herself and her horse, no matter how good or bad they do.

Amy is also enthusiastic about riding and performing. She is always encouraging people on the Canadian team as well as people from around the world. When she is training for competitions she is coached by someone. She always has an open mind about what her coach says.

She also shows risk taking. I have noticed that she is a big risk taker. She has the guts to go in front of a huge panel of judges,and on top of that,a crowd of about 300-400 people (well,at the Olympics). Jumping that high is challenging. You really have to know what your doing. If you fall off from that height there is a very high change of breaking some bones.

I think that Heros, Amy’s horse, is compassionate and kind. He shows love to Amy. He is also collaborative because he has to understand a human that doesn’t speak fluent horse. He has to be patience because he has to travel the world a lot! Imagine not knowing where you are going and having to just load onto a plane. That must be pretty scary.

I think that Amy Millar is a great role model for anyoneeven if you don’t like horses. One day I would really like to meet her! Have you ever been taught successful learner traits? What successful learner trait most describes you?

Have a wonderful day,



June 13, 2017
by Kayley

Camp Lessons


SWIIISSHHH I fly through the air! I had just finished the Leap of Faith at Tribune Bay. The classes from division 12 and  13 were at camp. The camp that every kid at Brooklyn Elementary is excited for. The camp with the most delicious food that could ever be tasted by the human mouths.
When people were kind to me at camp I felt very motivated to try something new and being kind helped encourage others to challenge themselves. If you were kind to your leader they would let you try more things . I feel like if you can be kind and caring you will build more trust with your leader. One situation that happened in my day group was that someone was unkind when doing the team building activities. That left an affect on that person which made them feel left out of the group. Another situation that happened was that someone was on the rock climbing wall and she felt like they couldn’t go any further but the whole group cheered her on to encourage her to go further.  Guess What! It worked she climbed further and further till she reached the top. Kindness really does help every one feel good about them selves and others.

On most of the climbing activities you needed to remember that all of the equipment was safe and secure. When the pole started to wiggle once you got further up the Leap of Faith you had to remember that it was perfectly safe. One of the hardest parts of all the activities was to remember that it is all in your head. For example: Remembering that you are in a harness, Telling your self that you won’t fall in the water when kayaking and last but not least remembering that your team is there for you when you are scared. Something that helped me was thinking why am I scared (because I am someone who is afraid of heights)Then when I was scared I could think about why they would they send kids to a camp that was unsafe and dangerous? After that it struck my brain! Everything is all in your head.
This is something that I would tell people that are going to camp BE PREPARED I was a bit silly and forgot to see what the weather was like. So I didn’t put on sunscreen. Once we got down to the beach I realized how hot it was. This left me with and issue… I got a really bad sun burn. It was one of those ones that sting to touch. This one has nothing to do with the activities that we did but it is still very important, it’s about sleeping. Bringing an  extra blanket was a really good idea because it doesn’t get a little chilly at night. Also bringing a warm pair of P.J’s was good. Bringing a watch is a GREAT idea. There’s was one person in our cabin with a watch so we hadn’t to keep asking her what time it is. It wouldn’t have been better it all of us had just brought our own watches. It was helpful for when we needed to see what time there wasn’t until breakfast. Over all watches would have been a good thing to pack

I would definitely recommend going to Tribune Bay. Always remember to not be afraid to try new thing .I think that there are some great lessons to learn at camp. Weather you taught your self them, another classmate or someone working at camp they were all very valuable. Do you think that people will remember these lessons from camp until they are adults?

Have a wonderful day,


April 21, 2017
by Kayley


Hey bloggers,

We did a project in math called Geo-bunny! This was our goal: Queen Smith was looking for new bunny’s to join her bunny tribe. So we had to create a bunny out of geometric shapes, find the perimeter  & area of the shapes and come up with what is called a bunny bio ( a story for your bunny). You had to present your bunny to the class and Queen Smith so you could try to convince the queen to except the bunny into the bunny tribe! You got a book called your bunny booklet to write down how you got the answer to what the perimeter and area was. You had to write down the angles and the sum of the angles. You named what shape it was and if it was a triangle what type of triangle.         Here is my Story:

My bunny is named John! John is a trained astronaut that has been flying since he was a kid. He can fly to the moon to get chocolate for every one. If you have a good taste in chocolate then you defiantly know that the best chocolate comes from the moon. He can do that for you…. but only if you except him into your bunny tribe.His one weakness is that if he eats a carrot he can die! So you need to make sure that he is on his all chocolate no carrot diet. John was recently in a antecedent with his space mobile that is why he is a bit of ruff shape . If you look at the background you can see his space mobile.

I really enjoyed doing this project with the class! One struggle for me was getting the hang of area for compound shapes. Another struggle was trying to remember the formulas for each shape.

Have you done Perimeter and area?

Have a wonderful day,


November 17, 2016
by Kayley

Squat Till You Drop


Hey readers,

How many squats can YOU do in 30 seconds? You would be surprised at how many squats our class can do. Lately we have been working on a data analysis project were we gather data from a experiment that we conduct.

1. Our Inquiry Question :

Our group asked people how many squats can you do in 30 seconds?

2.Our Equipment :

We really didn’t need much for our experiment. A timer and a list of everybody’s name in our class. Simple!

3. The Procedure:

We ask any one that wasn’t doing a different experiment if they wanted to do squats. If someone had free time they would come to our station and do squats for 30 seconds properly squatting. If you do one that our team thought was not a proper squat it didn’t count.

4.Control Standards

Control standards are to make the experiment fair so every one is doing the same experiment. Our control standards were you had to have your legs shoulder length apart, hands straight out in front of you, You have to look like you are sitting in a tiny chair when you go down and you have to start with your hands by your side.


My prediction before the experiment was that the average will be 30.

6.Our Data

This is what people got:

16, 20, 22, 24, 24, 24, 25, 25, 25, 26, 26, 28, 28, 28, 29, 31 and 33

Daniel was the one that got 33!

7.Analysis Of Our Data:

We had no outliers for this project. We were going to say that 16 was an outlier but then we decided to not say that they were one because there was only a four number difference. For mean, median, mode and range we got this:

Mean: 457÷18=25

Median: Median: 25+25=50. 50÷2=25.

Mode: 25, 24 and 28 Because that is the most common number

Range: 17 Because 33-16=17

I think that the mean is the most appropriate measure to use because all of the numbers  don’t have a big difference to each other.

Have a wonderful day,


November 2, 2016
by Kayley

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift GMA 2012


Hi readers,

I really love listening to music! Music is just something that you can rely on to always be there, whether you are happy, sad, or even frustrated.

My favourite musical artist is Taylor Swift. I admire her because of her good values. Her number one saying is  If you are lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change’’. I think that saying is very powerful because it tells you to never change who you are and it doesn’t matter what other people think of you . She always has a great attitude towards almost everything!

I absolutely love her cats Olivia and Meredith. Olivia is even the star in Taylor’s Keds commercials (a shoe brand that Taylor agreed to promote a shoe for).

She is very talented because she can play the banjo, piano, guitar and vocals. She has won 275 awards and she had 571 nominations! My favourite song of hers is Out of the Woods because in the video it’s so beautiful and it was filmed in New Zealand. Just over all she is an amazing person!

Who is your favourite singer or band?

Have a wonderful day,

By Paolo VillanuevaUploaded by MyCanon (Taylor Swift) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

November 1, 2016
by Kayley

Emergency Preparedness Kit

Tsunami Evacuation Zone foobert via Compfight

Hello readers

How would you be prepared for a disaster? Lately in our class we have been talking about disasters, natural  and not natural. We were asked what would we put in an emergency kit for any time and any disaster. So here it is!

I would keep food and water (Trail mix / something that wont get moldy or go inedible)

Keeping something that that can provide light/heat like a flash light or matches

Pocket knife can help you cut stuff or leave marks as to were you went so if someone went looking for you

A little first aid kit with band-aids in it

An extra rain jacket,gloves and hat

I would also bring some photos of family, friends and my dog

How would you prepare for an emergency?

Have a great day and remember to leave your URL,

~Kayley <3






October 25, 2016
by Kayley


GardenCreative Commons License Yann Gar via Compfight

Home is were there is always someone you can rely on. Home is knowing that my dog is always open for hugs. Having delicious meals with my family and seeing two beady dog eyes begging for food. Warm, cozy and love are just some of the words to describe my  home. Hot chocolate with friends and having sleep overs are some of the things that happen in my house! Last but not least that weird noise that the fish tank makes is the sound of my home.

Have a wonderful day,

~Kayley <3


October 20, 2016
by Kayley

Horse Riding

 Camargue Horse at s'Albufera
Creative Commons License
Philip McErlean via Compfight

Hello readers,

I always have this on my mind….. Horseriding! So I just have to talk about my favourite Sport! I ride at a horseriding stable with three of my best friends. I ride in an English saddle instead of a Western saddle. I ride a horse named Gracie and she is a white pony with a few grey spots. She loves to be scratched behind the ears and when you do so she snuggles with you.  She is the slowest horse you will ever meet! But when you get her doing big jumps, she is like a little tornado of speed! Have you ever ridden horseback if so what do you think of  it?
Have a great day!



October 15, 2016
by Kayley

My Dog Dasher

golden weather Steve Wall viaCom


Hello readers,

Welcome to my first post!

I would like to tell you about my dog. His is named Dasher and he is a Golden Retriever. He absolutely loves to go for walks with me in the forest or at the beach. I let him off the leash and WOOOOOOSH he is gone!

His favourite trick to do is shake a paw. I think that he mostly likes doing tricks because I always give him a treat after!

Although he is a Golden Retriever, he never actually retrieves anything.  He loves peanut butter but he hates celery.

Do you have a pet?

Hope you have a good day,

~Kayley <3

October 10, 2016
by Kayley

Hello world!


Hello world,

Welcome to my amazing blog. I am very happy that I get to start blogging. New posts coming soon!

Sincerely, Kayley

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