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Not All Who Wander Are Lost.

March 21, 2018
by Kayley

The Survey: Squiggly Wiggly Worms

Hello readers,

In school we are working on this project called young entrepreneur fair. We each have to make and sell a product. This is what im doing for my product: I am making squirmy wormys. They are little pocket pets that you can carry around with you. They love attention and love to be pet. When you pet them they respond like a real worm and squirm around. I will will be donating 10% of my profit to a charity in the end. We will be selling our products int he gym to all of students and parents at our school.

March 10, 2018
by Kayley

Death By Momma Alien Bird

Hello readers,

As a class we watched this really short video about death in space. We all chose one funny death and wrote a story about it. I chose this one…

I’m the most talented astronaut on planet earth. I have been to planets that no other human has been to. Mars, Jupitar, Saturn and I have also been to Pluto before it wasn’t classified as a planet.

But this planet was something that you wouldn’t see in your local library’s selection of space books. It was called Blurpymelrpy. That day that I landed I was so excited I bolted out the metal spaceship door and forgot my space helmet. I realized that you didn’t need one on Blurpymelrpy. I continued on this long journey to find life on this new planet.

I had been trekking around this planet for five extremely long hours. Suddenly, I spot an over-sized mushroom. I approach it and look up. My neck hurts so bad because I had to look up so high.

After staring at it for a very long time, I decide to start climbing up . As I reach the top there is a very pretty view of the whole planet. As I take a closer look I glance at what looks to be a old straw birds nest. I get a closer look and I start to think that its not an old birds nest. I calmly walk towards it like I was telling the baby monsters that I was friendly. They start to panic and screech.

I had never had to try and calm down a monster before. I pick one up like a tiny human baby and try to rock it back to sleep in my arms. That’s when I herd a large screech behind me! I look to see a larger version of the babies. It lands on the same funky mushroom as me. Right before I can yell for help I eats me. This was the weirdest experience. I got eaten by a blue and pink monster bird. I went through the whole digestive process. Even the last part…But I survived.

If you were to choose how you died in space how would you die?

Have a wonderful day,


February 27, 2018
by Kayley

Harris Burdick: Under the Rug

Under the Rug

As I began to doze off to sleep, the quiet noise started to roar like a old car. Startled I tumbled to the ground with a thump. I stand up and try to reassure myself that it wasn’t the same noise that I have heard for the last three days around this time. But I knew it was. I picked up and slipped on my brown glasses so I could see. I had a cold breeze sprint down my spine because the noise seamed to be getting further away. I wasn’t sure if that was my mind playing tricks on me or the “loud thing” playing tricks on me. I finally get the guts to sneak down stairs to where I hear the noise. As I reach the living room , I silently bounced up and down with excitement because I thought that this Wednesday evening would be the last night I had to put up with this noise. I look for the closest weapon. My great grandfathers rickety old chair was what I picked up. I held it over my head to be ready for anything. I looked up then down. Left then right. I found what look to be rather suspicious. That same freezing cold breeze from earlier shot down my back again. Which wasn’t helping at all with me being so scared. I lunged forward towards it. It makes a high pitch growl. Something that I thought I would never hear in my life. It was under the yellow hand made carpet that I bought at a garage sale for 10$.I creep four steps forward to be exact. I grab the carpet with the chair still in one hand ready to attack. I pull so hard that I ripe the carpet but I still manage to see the “crazy thing’ sitting under my rug. Its arms were covered in huge bumps that ran all the way up to his bony shoulders. That’s all I saw of him that night.

April 21, 2017
by Kayley


Hey bloggers,

We did a project in math called Geo-bunny! This was our goal: Queen Smith was looking for new bunny’s to join her bunny tribe. So we had to create a bunny out of geometric shapes, find the perimeter  & area of the shapes and come up with what is called a bunny bio ( a story for your bunny). You had to present your bunny to the class and Queen Smith so you could try to convince the queen to except the bunny into the bunny tribe! You got a book called your bunny booklet to write down how you got the answer to what the perimeter and area was. You had to write down the angles and the sum of the angles. You named what shape it was and if it was a triangle what type of triangle.         Here is my Story:

My bunny is named John! John is a trained astronaut that has been flying since he was a kid. He can fly to the moon to get chocolate for every one. If you have a good taste in chocolate then you defiantly know that the best chocolate comes from the moon. He can do that for you…. but only if you except him into your bunny tribe.His one weakness is that if he eats a carrot he can die! So you need to make sure that he is on his all chocolate no carrot diet. John was recently in a antecedent with his space mobile that is why he is a bit of ruff shape . If you look at the background you can see his space mobile.

I really enjoyed doing this project with the class! One struggle for me was getting the hang of area for compound shapes. Another struggle was trying to remember the formulas for each shape.

Have you done Perimeter and area?

Have a wonderful day,


November 29, 2016
by Kayley

Zombie Off


For the last two days I have been trying to avoid it…… the zombie apocalypses. This morning I woke up worried , scared and hungry so I went to go make myself a bowl of cereal. I poured the cereal, added milk and last but not least reached for the spoon. I always use the biggest spoon but as I grabbed it **** AAAAAHHHH**** I see that  my own arm has been turned green!

I ran to my mirror and see that blood is streaming out of my mouth and my eyes are bloodshot. I realize that I have been infected by the zombies! But I know that it is a school day and I have to go to school.

My first idea is that I should just wear scarf, long sleeved clothes and a hat so no one will see my skin, but then I remembered the dress code. You can’t wear scarves and hats. Scratch that plan.

I rely on my good old friend Google to help me on this one. I Google search “how to cure a zombie virus” and it says to eat five rat eyeballs and two boiled worms. I think that I will pass on that one because it sounds gross. So I just decide to go to school and hope that no one realizes.

I park my bike at the bike racks and I see all my friends but I chose to just walk right by and ignore them. As I try to walk pass them some one yells, “KAYLEY WE ARE OVER HERE! So I walk over there and guess what? They were all zombies as well!

I just said nothing and carried on with my day. The weird part was that everyone was acting normally and pretending that no one was a zombie.

The bell rings to go home and as soon as I get home I turn on the t.v. to go to the news. It turns out that the doctors found out a way to cure the virus. It is just a special cream called Zombie-Off. This cream definitely works because everyone is normal now. The weird part is that none of the teachers got the virus….. Maybe it is a teacher super power?

Have a great day.


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