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March 21, 2018
by Kayley

The Survey: Squiggly Wiggly Worms

Hello readers,

In school we are working on this project called young entrepreneur fair. We each have to make and sell a product. This is what im doing for my product: I am making squirmy wormys. They are little pocket pets that you can carry around with you. They love attention and love to be pet. When you pet them they respond like a real worm and squirm around. I will will be donating 10% of my profit to a charity in the end. We will be selling our products int he gym to all of students and parents at our school.

March 20, 2018
by Kayley

Basketball: The Game of Dribbling

Hello readers,

This season of basketball was amazing! Our team did really well and had great games. The amount of interceptions, passing, rebounds and just over all awesome plays! We didn’t win very many games but we played really good. I loved the team because every one was so supportive of one and other. I was really proud of how I played this season and I think that it was my highlight of this term. My favourite game was the last game of our tournament because we were tied with the other team and we only had five second left and i made the winning shot.

Our coach, Mrs.Roberson is amazing because she made our team who we are now. Even the smallest drills made a difference. She came to almost all of our games and cheered us on. She would give us little pep talks on the bench after the shift. She always made a bad shift better at the end.

Lets talk about drills, they were what made our team improve. Here are two of my favourite drills: The first one is when she sets up and “obstical course” it would have cones that we weave in and out of, we would go do lay ups and at the very end we would run through the ladders (not real ladders). My second favourite drill is king of the court. In this drill you have to dribble your ball and stay in control while trying to knock the other players ball out of the boundary.

Over all this is just a thank you to the basketball team and Mrs.Robertson. Do you play basketball?

Have a wonderful day,


March 13, 2018
by Kayley
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Three Things…

Hello readers!

I was thinking about our world. I started to realize that there are a few things that I would change about our world, and here they are:

  1. First things first. I bet you if you were to walk to school in the morning that you would see this stuff every where. It’s garbage. Holy cow… do people not know how to simply carry their garbage with them till they reach a garbage can? I wish that some of the works people in small towns could install more garbage cans. Even in big cites they can put more garbage cans. At least try, just try for me a seventh grader in a small town. Please just pick up your garbage.
  2.  The second thing is that we need more kindness in our world. In kindergarten we were taught to be kind to each other and to share. But I feel like so many people have forgotten how to be kind. Even just saying something as simple and small like I love your shirt today or doing an act of kindness. Or you could do something big and make someones day. It’s not that hard to compliment someone.
  3. This one just sends me off the rails with anger. It’s animal abuse. This is just a cliche saying but “imagine if someone bigger then you decides to invade your space and hurt you”. For the past little while I have been collecting old sheets in my house to donate to the SPCA and Kitty Cat Pals in the Comox Valley. It’s also true for abusing each other. I just wish that we could see each other equal to each other. We are all humans living on this earth.

This is a really short post but I hope that it has a strong message. Just please be kind to everyone you meet and imagine a world with none of this stuff.

Have a wonderful day


March 7, 2017
by Kayley


Do you want to know how I got trapped…..Do you? So it all started with me just minding my own business doing something that I do best. I was making people fall in love! I was flying around shooting my arrows when BANG! It was dark and scary. I saw a little beam of light come from the door that I must have flown in to. I peeked out the hole and I saw them. They were much bigger then I was and very loud. The three of them were just standing there talking. when I realized that they were humans. All these years I have just been doing my cupid thing and flying around to make people fall in love until now.  They have trapped me! Let me explain how it looks and how it works:


It is made out of  colorful bricks big and small. When I flew in I went through a door way with a flag on it called the love flag. The only reason I went in the trap was because the love flag. If you don’t know the love flag is a great way to attract me. Another good way to attract me is to get candy.This trap also had candy sooooo, I am now stuck. I saw briefly when I was flying in there was a camera I think that was what saw that I was going in. When the camera sees me  it set off the door to shut me in.


I wonder what they will do to me? Do you know?Do you have any suggestions on how I should escape?

Thank you for reading my post on Cupid!

Hope you have a wonderful Day


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November 17, 2016
by Kayley

Squat Till You Drop


Hey readers,

How many squats can YOU do in 30 seconds? You would be surprised at how many squats our class can do. Lately we have been working on a data analysis project were we gather data from a experiment that we conduct.

1. Our Inquiry Question :

Our group asked people how many squats can you do in 30 seconds?

2.Our Equipment :

We really didn’t need much for our experiment. A timer and a list of everybody’s name in our class. Simple!

3. The Procedure:

We ask any one that wasn’t doing a different experiment if they wanted to do squats. If someone had free time they would come to our station and do squats for 30 seconds properly squatting. If you do one that our team thought was not a proper squat it didn’t count.

4.Control Standards

Control standards are to make the experiment fair so every one is doing the same experiment. Our control standards were you had to have your legs shoulder length apart, hands straight out in front of you, You have to look like you are sitting in a tiny chair when you go down and you have to start with your hands by your side.


My prediction before the experiment was that the average will be 30.

6.Our Data

This is what people got:

16, 20, 22, 24, 24, 24, 25, 25, 25, 26, 26, 28, 28, 28, 29, 31 and 33

Daniel was the one that got 33!

7.Analysis Of Our Data:

We had no outliers for this project. We were going to say that 16 was an outlier but then we decided to not say that they were one because there was only a four number difference. For mean, median, mode and range we got this:

Mean: 457÷18=25

Median: Median: 25+25=50. 50÷2=25.

Mode: 25, 24 and 28 Because that is the most common number

Range: 17 Because 33-16=17

I think that the mean is the most appropriate measure to use because all of the numbers  don’t have a big difference to each other.

Have a wonderful day,


November 16, 2016
by Kayley

Remembrance Day Poem

Sunset on field VI Robert Körner via Compfight


What is war?

The First World War ended

on the eleventh day

on the eleventh month

at eleven o’clock.

War is not knowing whether

your loved one is coming home.

Opening the mail to see

that you got a letter

saying that your loved one has passed away.

Or the joy at seeing a family member

come home after they have fought for our freedom.

What were they thinking

when peace was upon them for the first time

in four years?

Respect is a poppy pinned to your shirt

and held with pride

because we are free.

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