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Basketball: The Game of Dribbling


Hello readers,

This season of basketball was amazing! Our team did really well and had great games. The amount of interceptions, passing, rebounds and just over all awesome plays! We didn’t win very many games but we played really good. I loved the team because every one was so supportive of one and other. I was really proud of how I played this season and I think that it was my highlight of this term. My favourite game was the last game of our tournament because we were tied with the other team and we only had five second left and i made the winning shot.

Our coach, Mrs.Roberson is amazing because she made our team who we are now. Even the smallest drills made a difference. She came to almost all of our games and cheered us on. She would give us little pep talks on the bench after the shift. She always made a bad shift better at the end.

Lets talk about drills, they were what made our team improve. Here are two of my favourite drills: The first one is when she sets up and “obstical course” it would have cones that we weave in and out of, we would go do lay ups and at the very end we would run through the ladders (not real ladders). My second favourite drill is king of the court. In this drill you have to dribble your ball and stay in control while trying to knock the other players ball out of the boundary.

Over all this is just a thank you to the basketball team and Mrs.Robertson. Do you play basketball?

Have a wonderful day,



  1. Hi Kayley! I’m from California! Your basketball team sounds like a great team to play with. You making the winning shot must of been amazing. I play soccer but I have played one year of basketball before. How long have you been playing basketball? Go check out my blog! http://afascinatingblogbyaaroncap.edublogs.org/

    • Hey Aaron,
      What is it like to live in California? I have only visited California once before to go and visit Disneyland! The basketball team was really fun to play on. Making the winning shot was the best feeling ever… I remember making it and my whole team screaming so loud! We all started dancing because we were so happy! Personally I don’t really like playing soccer but it can be fun when you are playing with your friends. I have been playing basketball my whole life but I have played on a team for two years.
      Have a wonderful day,

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