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Hello readers,

Ahhh the good old Comox Valley. If you didn’t know that’s where I live, in a small town with lots to do! We live so close to the beach, the mountains and the forest so if you say that there is nothing to do you are lying.

One of my favourite places to visit is Hot Chocolates! They have the best little cafe with cookies, candy and drinks. Its always fun to go out to Hot Chocolates and sit down with a friend and talk. My favourite thing at Hot Chocolates is their delicious sugar cookies or their extremely sugary Italian sodas. I love how kind all the workers are. I love looking at all of their candy and chocolates. Sometimes I just want to buy it all. They have a huge variety of jelly beans… yum!

Tuomo Lindfors via Compfight

My next favourite place in the valley is where I do boxing. I always feel so at home when I’m there! Every one in the gym is encouraging and fun to hang out with! If im not having a good day, as soon as I walk into the gym I get a huge smile on my face. I also like that its located close to the river. After my class finishes I can hear the rushing river when I leave. When you walk in you get a brisk smell of sweat, but our coach has brainwashed us to tell say that it’s the smell of “champions”.

My third favourite spot in the Comox Valley  is Mt.Washington. I absolutely love skiing. Every weekend I try and go up skiing during the season. One of my favourite parts of the mountain is the back side or in the park. I really enjoy just hanging out with some of my friends and skiing. Some people read a book or have a nap when they want to relax. But with me, I go skiing and ski all of my worries away. I love going up early in the morning and make the first ski tracks in the fresh fluffy powder. Sometimes I hate going up the mountain when its cold,windy and snowy. The worst part is when they stop the chair lift when you are half way up and its windy. If you have never been skiing a chair lift is what brings you up the mountain.


Where are your favourite things about where you live? Do you have any favorite places?

Have a wonderful day,


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  1. Cool! Nice post!

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  2. Hello Kayley,

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment on our class blog. Our school year began in February so blogging is all new to us. You were our first non-Australian comment for the year!

    We live in Melbourne, Australia and it is currently Autumn – strangely it’s still quite hot. We’re enjoying the t-shirt and shorts weather.
    Things we love about our city:
    – we are the capital of the AFL (Australian Football League – no that’s not soccer)
    – our city is by the bay with lots of interesting buildings
    – Melbourne was voted the most liveable city in the world for 2017.

    Currently our class is reading the novel ‘Fish in a Tree.’ Have you read it? What is your favourite thing to read?

    We look forward to connecting more through our blogs with you and your class.

    • Hello 4T,
      I am glad that I was your fist non-Australian comment. It’s great that you guys are in t shirts and shorts. Here is Canada its raining and its cold. I have a few family members down under. Some from New Zealand and some from Australia. What kind of interesting buildings do you have on the bay? In Comox we live in a small town so that means that we have small buildings. We also live close to a marina. Some times we see seals and killer whales come in to the bay…The whales don’t really kill people. Now that I think about it I don’t know why they call them that. It sounds like you live in a really cool place! I am glad that I live where I live but I think that it would be fun to live in Australia! I have never read fish in a tree… can you give me a hint on what its about? The book that I am reading right now is called the rule of three. I suggest it to one of you students! I will come back and check out your blog in the future!
      Have a wonderful day,

    • And don’t forget to leave your URL!
      Have a wonderful day,

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