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2017 WVB | UofA vs TWU

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Hey readers,

I really enjoy volleyball and I’m on the girls volleyball team! Yesterday we had our first game of the season. We one won all three games (we think, no one was really keeping score). I was on the volleyball team last year and I had lots of fun so I signed  up again!

I’m really bad at spiking, but I’m trying to get better. I can bump and set really well and I’m also good at tipping the ball over the net. Volleyball knee pads are so helpful! They can help you dig the ball back up from the ground by falling on your knees or they can help you make a dive for the ball.

On practice day we get to practice our skills and do drills but we also get to play a quick scrimmage V.S the guys team because we share the gym with them for practice. Some times sometimes we do drills with them but most of the time we just practice with our team.

This year we have a way smaller team. Loads of the grade 7s from last year are now at high school and unable to play on our team. But there are quite a few people that were on the team last year that decided to join again. I think that gives the team a bit of an advantage because we have previous experience!

YAY today is a game day! I’m so excited to play against another school. This time we are playing one big game instead of 3 little games. Also we aren’t hosting the game.

Do you play any sports?

Have a wonderful day,




  1. Hey Kayley!
    I’m so glad I signed up for the volleyball team this year. It’s really fun, and has definitely improved my skills. I think our team overall has gotten so much better than when we first started.
    I like games, too! I find it more of a scrimmage with other schools rather than a game, because it’s not too competitive, and most of the time they don’t even keep score. Plus, when they do, it’s not really accurate.
    Sports I do are dance, track and field, volleyball, cross country, and I’m planning to sign up for the girls basketball team this year.
    Happy blogging!

    • Hey Gabi,
      I was a bit rusty at the beginning of the year but I think I have shaped up a bit. It is more of a scrimmage than a game. That last game that we played last week was very un-organised! They kept giving points to the wrong team! It sounds like you do lots of sports!
      Have a wonderful day,
      ~Kayley <3

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