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Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift GMA 2012


Hi readers,

I really love listening to music! Music is just something that you can rely on to always be there, whether you are happy, sad, or even frustrated.

My favourite musical artist is Taylor Swift. I admire her because of her good values. Her number one saying is  If you are lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change’’. I think that saying is very powerful because it tells you to never change who you are and it doesn’t matter what other people think of you . She always has a great attitude towards almost everything!

I absolutely love her cats Olivia and Meredith. Olivia is even the star in Taylor’s Keds commercials (a shoe brand that Taylor agreed to promote a shoe for).

She is very talented because she can play the banjo, piano, guitar and vocals. She has won 275 awards and she had 571 nominations! My favourite song of hers is Out of the Woods because in the video it’s so beautiful and it was filmed in New Zealand. Just over all she is an amazing person!

Who is your favourite singer or band?

Have a wonderful day,

By Paolo VillanuevaUploaded by MyCanon (Taylor Swift) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


  1. Hi Kayley,
    Oh my gosh, is that Taylor swift?! She is an awesome singer one of my favourites. But my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE singer is KATY PERRY😃. Would you mind to if I did a post on Katy perry sometime? That would be so cool. And did you know that Taylor swift always wears red lipstick? I think it is for good luck.
    (I don’t know all the details) Well anyway great post keep up you FANTASTIC WORK!
    Yours truly,

  2. Hi Brooklyn,

    She is one of my favourite singers as well! Katy Perry is pretty good and my favourite song of hers Dark Horse. Although they are not really friends any more because of there fight they had I love them both for who they are! Making a post about Katy Perry is an amazing idea….. You should do that. I knew that she always wears red lipstick because I have a calander about Taylor and in every photo she has red lipstick on! I didn’t know that is was for good luck.

    Have a wonderful day,

  3. Hey KJ,

    Did you see Taylor on the Country Music Awards last night? She was there to present an award.
    Love Mommy-Dee 🙂

    • Hi Mom,
      I did see her on the country music awards presenting! Thank you for commenting! Who is your favourite singer?
      Have a wonderful day,
      ~Kayley <3

  4. Hi kayley!!! It’s Katie from Mrs.Kriese’s class in Texas!!! I love Taylor Swift so much!!! I have been to the Speak now concert, Red concert, and the 1989 tour!!! It was so cool and I even got to see the 1989 one on my birthday!!!! Have you ever seen her in concert??? Check out my blog!! http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/katie8482022/

    • Hi Katie,
      Wow you are really a big fan of T-Swift! 3 concerts WOW! You are very lucky to be able to go to her concerts. I have not been to a consert but I know what I am asking for for Christmas….. Hopefuly I will get tickets to go see her. Going to a consert on your birthday would be fantastic!
      Do you have any other favourite singer?
      Have a wonderful day,

  5. Yes!!! I love all of her music!! I hope you get tickets for christmas because the concerts are so much fun! I also love Justin Beiber i went to his concert in 3rd grade and i really wanted to go to the Purpose tour last year, but i couldnt get tickets! been to one of his concerts??? -katie

    • Hi Katie,
      I really want tickets so bad! I m not a big fan of Justin Beiber but once and a while I will listen to his songs.I have not been to one of his concerts.
      Do you play an instrument?
      Have a great day,

  6. Hello Kayley,
    Taylor Swift is a talented artist and my favorite artist is The Tragically Hip! My favorite song by Taylor Swift would have to be Bad Blood FT. Kendrick Lamar.
    Have you ever heard of The Tragically Hip? If so whats you favorite song by them?

  7. Hi Kayley,
    Taylor swift is my favorite artist too! My favorite song by her is Out of the Woods too! She uses so many terrains. She seems to use so much energy and creativity to make the music video. Come check out my blog at: http://leilaafsha8604.blogspot.com1

    • Hi Leila,
      I think that she puts SOOO much time and effort in to her music videos! I think that there is something about out of the woods that is powerful. I think that it is the way that the video was planed out.
      Have a wonderful day,

  8. Hi I’m Cordelia from Mrs. Kriese’s class in Texas. I also love listening to music. I love Taylor Swift so much she is an amazing singer and really talented. I actually saw her this year at the Formula 1 event. I have never seen her cats but they are probably really cute. Also for your question I love so many singer that I dont have a favorite, but Taylor Swift is one of my many singers I like and listen to. Go visit my blog http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/cordelia8902022/.

    • Hi Cordelia,
      You are lucky that you got to go and see her! Her cats are so fluffy and cute when I see them I just want to snuggle them.I also like a lot of diffrent singers but she is my favourite.
      Have a wonderful day,
      ~Kayley <3

  9. hello Kayley,
    I really love Taylor swift too! I like all of her songs but if I had to pick one for my favorite I would have to pick shake it off. I like it because its such a catchy tune when ever its playing it always gets me in a good mood! I also really like the singer Katy Perry!
    – Abbey

    • Hey Abbey again,
      I like shake it off as well! It is pretty catchy isn’t it. I’m not a huge fan of of Katy Perry I don’t really like her, I do not know why. Have you heard Taylor Swifts new songs?
      Hve a wonderful day,
      ~Kayley <3

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