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My Dog Dasher


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Hello readers,

Welcome to my first post!

I would like to tell you about my dog. His is named Dasher and he is a Golden Retriever. He absolutely loves to go for walks with me in the forest or at the beach. I let him off the leash and WOOOOOOSH he is gone!

His favourite trick to do is shake a paw. I think that he mostly likes doing tricks because I always give him a treat after!

Although he is a Golden Retriever, he never actually retrieves anything.  He loves peanut butter but he hates celery.

Do you have a pet?

Hope you have a good day,

~Kayley <3


  1. Hey KJ,

    I like your post about our Dashy dog. It’s true, he doesn’t retrieve! He will chase the ball, then runs away with it and makes it a big game for us to chase him. We are lucky to have him as our pet, if I could change one thing about him it would be his stinky breath!

    Love Mommy-dee

    • Hi Mom.

      I would have to agree with you he does have a bit of a stinky breath problem! Maybe we could get him some doggy breath mints:) I think we are very lucky to have him as a pet! I was just thinking about when we got him as a Christmas present a few days ago. He just snuggled on our laps on the ferrie ride home.

      Have a good day!

      ~ Kayley<3

  2. Hi kayley
    I just posted a blog about my pets too! There might even be a pet in there you didn’t already now about 🙂
    You can see that post here http://jaydenz12.edublogs.org
    Bye for now and as always have a cake-filled day

    • Hi Jay,

      I think that we both did our first post on our pets because they are so special to us! I have herd about your old dog King and seen a few pictures.By the way I love the little thing that you say at the end of every comment….. Have a cake filled day!

      Have a great day

  3. Hi Kayley
    Dasher looks great


    • Hi Kassidy,

      That is actually not a picture of Dasher it is just a picture of a golden retriver.
      You have 2 cats right? What are there names again?

      Have a great day

  4. Hi KJ,

    Dasher runs an gets the ball that’s 1/2 of the fetch game but he does not do the second 1/2 wich is bringing the ball back!

    -Dad 🙂

    • Hello Dad,

      You are 100% right about the fetching! But he is a wonderful dog that loves snuggles. He turned 7 last Friday but he still seems like a little puppy!

      Have a good day

  5. Hi Kayley. My name’s Carly. I love ❤️ your dog. I have a dog of my own but she’s a German Shepherd Keyhond mix. She’s beautiful. She loves to chase after bouncy balls, her choo toys, stuffed animals, and the two cats that rome our neighborhood. I also go down to Fairwinds Horse stables and they have two golden retrievers. Ones named Buddy, he’s an old dog. The other dog is named Duches, she doesn’t get along with other dogs, and looks like your dog. Well I hope you have a good day. Please visit 2022cmj@edblogs.com

    • Hi Carly,

      Your dog sounds like my dog! My dog loves his stuffed animals too. He treats them like they are his babies. I do horse back riding as an after school activity ! A new post is coming soon about my horse riding.

      Have a wonderful day

  6. Hi,
    I’m Ben. I thought this blog is quite amazing. I Have actually 2 dogs! There names are Toby and Indy!


  7. Hi Kayley
    Your dog sounds pretty funny and playful, I have a cat of my own. If you flick a ping pong ball across the floor she’ll chase it, sniff it, tap it the she just looks at me as if to ask can you do that again.
    Is a golden retriever your favourite type of dog? mine is a corgi.

    • Hi Emma,
      Your cat sounds as playful as my dog! Dashes favourite toy is a tennis ball 🎾. Golden retrievers are by far my most favourite dog.
      Have a great day,

  8. Hi Kayley,
    My name is Katie and I am in Mrs. Kriese’s class in Texas. I have a dog named Jingles and like Dasher, she loves treats. She does retrieve things though, but just takes them to her bed and never gives them back.
    Please come visit my blog at:


    • Hi Katie,
      I herd abort your dog Jingles on your blog! That is awesome that you dog really retrieve stuff . the only thing that my dog retrieves is my socks and he brings them out side. Dasher lives for treats!
      Have a great day,

  9. Hi Kayley. I’m Katie from Mrs. Kriese’s class in Texas. Your dog sounds super cute! I also have a golden retriever named Sage!! I love them so much! Come visit my blog! http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/katie8482022/

    • Hi Katie,
      That is really cool that you have a Dog as well! what is your dogs name/ does you dog actually retrieve any thing?
      Have a wonderful day,
      ~Kayley <3

  10. Hi, I’m Ben from Mrs. Kreise’s class in Texas. Your dog is so cute, and a golden retriever was our second choice. Chulo can’t do any tricks, except for staying. The best part of every day, is when I get home he goes crazy, and slides around on the floor like it’s ice.

    • Hi Ben,
      The Golden retriever is probably one of the friendly’s dogs you will ever meet! When me or one of my family members gets home my dog makes this noise that sound like chubaca from star wars. I think my dog likes the floors at my moms house because they are mostly carpet. Does your dog have a Nick name? My dogs nick name is Dash. Next time please leave your URL.
      Have a great day,

  11. Hey Kayley,

    I am Nina and I am from Mrs.Kriese’s Class in Ausin, TX.

    I loved this post! Your dog dasher is adorable! How long have you had him? Is he from the shelter or a pure bred? I have a dog too, his name is Koko. He is a poodle mix. I love to write about him. You should one check out my blog @ http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/nina8542022/.

  12. Hi Nina,
    I have had Dasher for 7 years and he came from a lady that was just selling her dogs puppies. He has about 6 or 7 siblings that all went to different homes. Did you name you dog Koko or did someone else? Can Koko do any tricks ?

    Have a Wonderful day,
    ~Kayley <3

  13. Hi Kayley,
    Your dog sounds really cute. As you probably already know I have two little Chihuahua’s Ella and Jax. I had lots of fun on Halloween. How much candy did you get? I got a full pillow case! I was dressed as a storm trooper. What were you dressed up as?


    • Hi Hudson,
      Yes I remember your dogs when they ran across the road unexpectedly! They look really cute! When me and Adria were in first grade we both really wanted chihuahuas and I wanted to call my dog taco. I probobly got about a pillow case full as well. Storm troopers are awesome! I love Star Wars it is sooooo good! I was where’s Waldo for Halloween.
      Have a great day,

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