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October 25, 2016
by Kayley


GardenCreative Commons License Yann Gar via Compfight

Home is were there is always someone you can rely on. Home is knowing that my dog is always open for hugs. Having delicious meals with my family and seeing two beady dog eyes begging for food. Warm, cozy and love are just some of the words to describe my  home. Hot chocolate with friends and having sleep overs are some of the things that happen in my house! Last but not least that weird noise that the fish tank makes is the sound of my home.

Have a wonderful day,

~Kayley <3


October 20, 2016
by Kayley

Horse Riding

 Camargue Horse at s'Albufera
Creative Commons License
Philip McErlean via Compfight

Hello readers,

I always have this on my mind….. Horseriding! So I just have to talk about my favourite Sport! I ride at a horseriding stable with three of my best friends. I ride in an English saddle instead of a Western saddle. I ride a horse named Gracie and she is a white pony with a few grey spots. She loves to be scratched behind the ears and when you do so she snuggles with you.  She is the slowest horse you will ever meet! But when you get her doing big jumps, she is like a little tornado of speed! Have you ever ridden horseback if so what do you think of  it?
Have a great day!



October 15, 2016
by Kayley

My Dog Dasher

golden weather Steve Wall viaCom


Hello readers,

Welcome to my first post!

I would like to tell you about my dog. His is named Dasher and he is a Golden Retriever. He absolutely loves to go for walks with me in the forest or at the beach. I let him off the leash and WOOOOOOSH he is gone!

His favourite trick to do is shake a paw. I think that he mostly likes doing tricks because I always give him a treat after!

Although he is a Golden Retriever, he never actually retrieves anything.  He loves peanut butter but he hates celery.

Do you have a pet?

Hope you have a good day,

~Kayley <3

October 10, 2016
by Kayley

Hello world!


Hello world,

Welcome to my amazing blog. I am very happy that I get to start blogging. New posts coming soon!

Sincerely, Kayley

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